Types of Overseas Missions We Do:
Medical, Dental, Eyeglass, Clinics, Orphanages &
Schools, Slum Outreaches, Evangelism, Bible
Colleges, Teaching, Leadership Training of
Churches, Construction Assistance, Food & Shelter.

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New Beginnings Ministries 623 Mill Run Place Lawrenceville, GA 30046 Info@newbeginningsministries.com

Local Outreach                                                                                           

Our teams reach out into local neighborhoods, wooded areas or under bridges to make contacts
with those that have needs or are struggling: needing  resources, counseling, free clinics, food
pantries, clothing, etc. We work with the local homeless men & women, single moms or families by
giving clothing, camping supplies,hot food, helping to provide resources, and find jobs.
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New Beginnings also hosts Retreats  &  Seminars several times a year to help those who are
struggling in their lives, relationships or with a spouse or family.
Check the Events pages for Info.

New Beginnings partners with many other ministries to help get struggling people/families back
on their feet.

  • As New Beginnings Counseling Center, we provide volunteer resource workers to help
    struggling families find the items they need.  Whether free clinics, medicines, or supplies for
    single moms, pregnant moms, families of  prisoners, or others, we are here.  Whatever the need
    we work with other non-profits to give personal service to those in crisis.   Many do not know how
    to navigate the service groups or even if they qualify for the programs offered.  Our people
    personally help them find what they do qualify for and support their efforts to stabilize their
    families.  Contact Cheryl Fultz at 770-831-1799.

  • Family Promise: We partner with Family Promise and other groups to help homeless women
    and children in our local areas and to help meet some of their needs.  Life skills classes are
    developed as well to stabilize families.  Please call to see if you qualify for the program but you
    can always get   resources that you need.  770-866-0686

  • El Bethel Worship & Outreach Ministries is another group that we partner with to reach out
    to the local youth and American & Hispanic families. Events to develop and lead the local
    Hispanic families into using their gifts. They go out and connect to people touching them by
    meeting a need in their life: whether it be food, clothes, jackets, shoes, bibles or prayer.  678-

  • Father's House Community Church is a local  Church in Lawrenceville, Ga that was founded
    in May 2012 with a vision to impact people and transform nations. They are a contemporary,
    Christ Centered Church that bridges the cultural, racial and generational gaps. They are a
    community that loves and supports one another using the God given gifts with which He has
    equipped us. They work with those that are homeless with homeless men and women coming to
    the services.  They welcome those who desire to learn and fulfill their purpose in life. 404-285-

  • Father's House School of Ministry is a local training center and mentoring program to train
    people in ministry to others and training counselors to work in local ministries and churches to
    provide Bible directed help for those struggling locally or in overseas missions. 404-285-6057

New Beginnings Ministries is affiliated with many other churches and local programs as well:

List of Pastors/Groups ) refer and send clients to us;
•        Focus on the Family (James Dobson), Psychology Today, Theravive,  
     Prepare &  Enrich Marriages,  Gieorgia Association of Christian Counselors
•        United Way 211 Helpline,  Gwinnett Helpline,  Loical Probation Depts for Anger Classes

  • Baptist:
Rev. Richard Douglas:Pastoral Care Pastor
New Bridge Church; Lawrenceveille, GA  
(678) 379-5866

Retired Pastor Erven Kimble
Central Baptist Church -Lilburn

  • Methodist:
Pastor Sherri Smith
1st United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville, GA

Virginia Tinkey
Prospect United Methodist Church: Lawrencville, Ga

Pastor Don Cline   770-962-0605
New Hope Methodist Church  -  Lawrenceville, Ga                   

  • Inter-Denominational:
Pastors Bobby Bolton & Richard Mace
Victory World Outreach and affiliate church at Hamilton Mill
(770) 849-9400  

Pastoral Care Division
Free Chapel Worship Center
Refers our Counselors at NBCC

Elder Michael Macauley
New Mercies Christian Church
Lilburn, Ga 30047
770-925-8600 Ex 120

Pastor Terrell Taylor
Livefree Church
@Starling Elementary School
1725 Grayson Highway
Grayson, Ga, 30017
  • Pentecostal:

Pastor Hugh Skelton-Congregational Holiness                                
Mission Crusades Services
(404) 245-1351                                                        
(770) 287-9513        

  • Assembly of God/Church of God:
Pastor Robbie Coleman
Cornerstone Assembly of God:
(770) 503-9983
Listed on the AOG and COG Headquarters for  Pastoral Referral Sheet for Counselors

Church of God (Cleveland, Tn)
Dr. Robert White (Past Overseer- Letter of Recommend)

Assembly of God Headquarters Letter: for all AOG Pastoral referrals (includes Church of God,
Cleveland TN, Four-Square Gospel as well)

Catholic: St Johns Neumans Catholic
Lilburn, Ga. With counselor Yolanda Monterio

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